Year of 2016 Fat Goblin Games Bundle

Fat Goblin Games


Our 2015 Bundle was one of our best sellers, ever! Now it's time for the 2016 version!  You'll be amazed at all the great things in this bundle. 

Take a look at the list below! Nowhere else will you get so much value for only $30.00. All 130 of our non-stock art offerings from one of our best years ever!

Check out what you get for the year 2016!

5e Backgrounds - Criminal Intent
5e Backgrounds - King and Country
5e Backgrounds - Salt of the Earth
5e Backgrounds - The Stuff of Legends
5th Edition - Hobgoblins
5th Edition Options - Aasimar
5th Edition Options - Bugbears
5th Edition Options - Goblins
5th Edtion - Sidebar 02 - Monster Lore for 5th Edition
5th Edtion Options - Kobolds
8-Bit Adventures - Welcome to the Fungal Kingdom
Allies and Enemies Worldbuilder with forms
Amazing Races - Samsaran
Amazing Races - Strix
Amazing Races - Sulis
Amazing Weapons, Armor, and Equipment for 5th Edition Fantasy
Astonishing Races: Dog-faced Kobolds
Astonishing Races: Fetchlings
Astonishing Races: Samsaran
Astonishing Races: The Catfolk
Basilisk Goggles & Wishing Wells: An Old School Esoterica
Black Sheep NPC Codex
Black Sheep NPC Codex - Desmond's Hand
Black Sheep NPC Codex - Lillianna the Illusionist
Black Sheep NPC Codex - Volume 2
Call to Arms: Ceremonial Masks
Call to Arms: Rope
Call to Arms: Shields 
Castle Falkenstein - Curious Creatures
Castle Falkenstein - The Tarot Variation
Classified:  The Technopath
Classified: The Hussar
Classified: The Pyromancer
Classified: The Wind Warrior
Corrupted Magic Items of the Necronomicon
Creating New Armors for the Pathfinder RPG
d20 Asian Names
d20 Crazy Town Events
d20 Descriptive Adjectives 1
d20 Easter European Names
d20 Fantasy Holidays
d20 Northern Africa Names
d20 South American Names
d20 Southern Africa Names
d20 Strange Weather Events
Epic Level NPC Hybrid Class - Trainer
Epic Races - Adapticons
Epic Races - Synthetics
Expanded Options for 5th Edition 04 - Weapons of Quality
Expanded Options for 5th Edition 05 - Tools of Quality
Expanded Options for 5th Edition Fantasy 06 - Weapon and Armor Charms
Fat Goblin Games Traveler's Guide to Hell
Fungal Kingdom: The Fungifolk
Kaiju Beastiary - Kamon the Living Mountain
Mindblast - Villain's Augmented - System Shock Behir
Monster of the Week - Barang Beetles
Monster of the Week - The Lump Hag
Monster of the Week - The Mahaha
Monster of the Week - The Mucoroth
More Feats - Destruction
More Feats - Discipline
More Feats - Discovery
More Feats - Elementalism
More Feats - Envy
More Feats - Ferocity
More Feats - Gluttony
More Feats - Greed
More Feats - Heroics
More Feats - Lashing
More Feats - Lust
More Feats - Panache
More Feats - Pride
More Feats - Sin
More Feats - Sloth
More Feats - Song
More Feats - Spellcraft
More Feats - Stealth
More Feats - Swordsmanship
More Feats - Valor
More Feats - Vision
More Feats - Volume 1
More Feats - War
More Feats - Wrath
Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon - Corrupting Chant
Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon - Vampire's Flesh
Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon - Vol 1 - Undead
Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon - Vol 2 - Fiends
Occult Rituals of the Necronomicon - Vol 3 - Old Ones
Racial Ecologies - The Osto
Return of the Drow: Dominons Darkwood Enfold
Ritual Magic Expanded for 5th Edition Fantasy
Shadows over Vathak - Explorer's Guide to Vathak
Shadows over Vathak - Players Guide
Sidebar 15 - Equipment Tricks for Caltrops
Sidebar 16 - Titles and Plothooks
Sidebar 17 - The Fate and Fortune System
Sidebar 18 - Equipment Tricks for Torches
Sidebar 19 - Equipment Tricks for Manacles
Sidebar 20 - Equipment Tricks for Alchemical Fire
Sidebar 21 - 
Sidebar 22 - Equipment Tricks for Bows
Sidebar 23 - More Hirelings and Followers
Sidebar 24 - Equipment Tricks for Helms
Sidebar 25 - 14 Non-Adventuring Magic Items
Sidebar 26 - Equipment Tricks for Alchemical Glue
Sidebar 27 - Equipment Tricks for Swords
Sidebar 28 - The Art of the Unorthodox Charge
Sidebar 29 - The Behemoth Corruption
Sidebar 30 - Skeleton Tricks
Sidebar 31 - Non-Combat XP and Non-Monetary Rewards
Sidebar 32 - Making the Battlefield Work to Your Advantage
Sinister Serpents - New Forms of Dragonkind
Spell Power - Animate Objects
Spell Power - Arcane Sight
Spell Power - Black Tentacles
Spell Power - Chill Metal
Spell Power - Command
Spell Power - Deep Slumber
Spell Power - Disintegrate
Spell Power - Enter Image
Spell Power - Ghostly Disguise
Spell Power - Heat Metal
Spell Power - Hydraulic Push
Spell Power - Shadow Conjuration
Spell Power - Web Shelter
The Dread Codex - Warlock
The Gamemaster's Monster Memoir
The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil - 5th Edition
The Lost Temple of Forgotten Evil - Pathfinder
The Master Player's Adventurer Journal
The Secrets of Alchemy - 5th Edition
vs Ghosts
vs Ghosts Adventure - The Ghost Next Door
vs Ghosts Adventure - The Ghosts of Pendergrass
vs Ghosts Adventure - The Night Sparrow
vs Ghosts Adventure - The Talking Board
vs Moon Men
vs Stranger Stuff
vs Stranger Stuff - Creepy Clowns
vs Stranger Stuff - Krampusnacht
vs Stranger Stuff - The Mad Gasser
What Lies in the Shadows Under the Trees
Worldbuilders Journal with Forms

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